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Upcoming Events

Date Event
August 4, 2014Motivational Interviewing: Advancing the Practice
August 6, 20147th Annual National Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Conference
September 5, 2014Patient Safety Academy
September 8, 2014Gender Specific Treatment for Women - Four week online course
September 17, 2014The Practice of Behavioral Healthcare in the Criminal Justice System
September 26, 2014Trauma and Addiction: Implications for Treatment
October 22, 2014New Thoughts about Tobacco Treatment Medications
November 3, 2014Fundamentals of Effective and Ethical Clinical Supervision
November 12, 2014Case Studies: A Peek Into the Process of Intensive Tobacco Treatment
January 14, 2015Concurrent Use of Tobacco and Marijuana
February 11, 2015Updates on the Electronic Cigarettes
March 11, 2015Tobacco Treatment with the Behavioral Health Population: Special Considerations