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Upcoming Events

Date Event
November 17, 2017Tobacco Intervention: Basic Skills Training
November 18, 2017Transforming Trauma: Reaching for Resilience
November 20, 2017Suicide Prevnetion Protocol Development Training
November 29, 2017Suicide Prevention Awareness Session Train the Trainer
November 30, 2017The Ethics of Multiple Relationships
December 4, 2017Suicide Prevention Advanced Gatekeeper Training
December 5, 2017Suicide Prevention Assessment Training
December 5, 2017Treating Tobacco Together: Intensive Skills in Tobacco Treatment
December 12, 2017Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training
December 15, 2017Suicide Prevention Awareness Train the Trainer
February 5, 201828th Annual National Leadership Forum: Partnering for Prevention
February 19, 2018Suicide Prevention Advanced Gatekeeper Training
March 16, 2018Suicide Prevention Protocol Development Training